• Image of Unmasked Conference III - 4 Message DVD Set
  • Image of Unmasked Conference III - 4 Message DVD Set

Session One: Fallen, Fallen is Babylon!
Nations are drunk with the wine of immorality (Rev. 17 & 18); Cultures commit to unrestricted sex at any cost; Cultural confusion re: God's gift of sexuality; Calling the church to respond; Encountering the culture with truth (Acts 17 - Paul at Mars Hill).

Session Two: The Young Generation Speaks
Josue Silva: Spoken word; Sarah Kelley: The need for the message; Joel Ecklund: Take this message and run with it!; Phillip Muela: Revelation from Genesis - Adam sleeps and gets a wife!

Session Three: Lessons from the story of Joseph
True intimacy vs. sex; God's strategy for confronting temptation: flee!; Warning from Proverbs: the strange woman; Understanding the spirit of seduction: Mrs. Potiphar.

Session Four: Intentional Relationships
Confusion re: love, marriage, dating: consequences of broken families; Understanding marriage: needs met by spouse and God; Biblical intimacy: just sex disappoints; Husband training and learning the lesson of singleness; Relationship fears: male initiation fears & female trust fears; 5 principles of intentional friendships.

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