• Image of Unmasked Conference I - 4 Message DVD Set (If Interested in CD Set, Please email us direct)

Session One: Mandates to preach about sex (I Tim 4:12, Proverbs, Ten Commandments). The sexualized culture; Authentic manhood; God’s blueprint & Satan’s lies about sexuality (Gen 2 & 3)

Session Two: Reclaim the testimony of a generation; Effects of shame from sexual sin; Cultural messages about sexuality; A daughter’s heart (Prov 30:25)

Session Three: Linking revival to dealing with the sexualized culture; Revival Promise: 2 Chron. 7:14; Revival history & the spirit of revival; Innocent blood & God’s judgment on nations; Cain and Abel/shedding of innocent blood (Gen 4:9-10)

Session Four: Church’s role in dealing with sexualized culture; Israel’s failure to honor the Promised Land instructions; Resultant consequences of that failure (Ps 106:34-40); Reformers tearing down the high places: Hezekiah and Josiah