• Image of Unmasked Conference IV - 5 Message CD Set
  • Image of Unmasked Conference IV - 5 Message CD Set

Session 1
Teaching from the story of the woman caught in adultery,
Jim Anderson releases a message of healing and training. Men learn how to view women, and the church learns how to encounter broken daughters without erring on the sides of “sloppy agape” or a lack of grace and mercy. Concludes with ministry.

Session 2
Pastor Joel Ecklund shares the Father’s heart toward a fatherless and mother less generation. In contrast to the worship of false gods that requires the sacrifice of children and sexual immorality, Joel teaches that true God-worship involves giving ourselves to the next generation. Pastor Adam Narciso, sharing from his own broken sexual past, reveals a key to restoring a generation: an authentic and honest testimony of healing combined with a message full of mercy, grace, hope, and love.

Session 3
In teaching on the difference between love and lust, Pastor Philip Muela teaches that lust has robbed us of our voice, destiny, identity, and passion. Concludes with ministry.

Session 4
As Jim Anderson interviews newlyweds Caleb & Sarah Altmeyer, they honestly share how they implemented the principles of an intentional friendship/courtship in their relationship. Jim concludes with comments about purity being a key for men and women in trusting God for their futures. Concludes with ministry.