• Image of Unmasked Conference 2017: 4 Message DVD Set
  • Image of Unmasked Conference 2017: 4 Message DVD Set

Session 1
Jim Anderson looks at the life of David and his failure with Bathsheba, challenging the church and each of us to break the silence in our lives about sexual issues. When we do so, it releases God’s mercy and healing and allows us to take our rightful place in the ‘Hall of Faith,’ just like David did.

Session 2
’Kill the Casket’, a message by Pastor Bryan Pue, tells us of God’s story of grace-based freedom and the power of the Holy Spirit to release you into your God-given destiny.
Sarah Miller shares how the messages of Unmasked and Not Just a Mom set her husband and her free from a cycle of fear and depression that plagued their marriage and family for years.

Session 3
John Tolo, Director of GodTown, releases God’s call to be a father and mother and challenges us all to become carriers of Jesus’ love to those around us by first being a son or daughter of God.
Josh Lindquist, GodTown Missionary, encourages us to join the Unmasked Movement.

Session 4
Jim Anderson interviews newlyweds Nick and Michaela Underwood about their pre-marriage relationship. Having come from two very different backgrounds (Nick from drugs, alcohol, and immoral relationships and Michaela from an almost pure church background), they decided on a pre-marriage course of waiting for their first kiss until the altar. Their relationship exhibits well the courtship principles of purity, honor, accountability, and a testimony from which all can benefit.