• Image of Unmasked Conference II - 4 Message DVD Set

Session 1: Rape of Tamar (2 Sam 13:1-19)
Young men’s battle for character
Authentic Manhood—2 revelations
Training sons & protecting daughters
Paying the price for a godly destiny

Session 2: Releasing truth in the church
Breaking the sound barrier: preaching about sexuality
God’s blueprint for sexuality & marriage (Gen 2 & 3)
Satan’s lies & God’s truth re: sexuality & relationships

Session 3: Shame
Original design declarations for sons & daughters
Sequence of sin in the Garden of Eden—same today
The lesson of singleness

Session 4: Dating? Courting? Dourting?
Fear of marriage/hunger for intimacy
The amazing “relationship Scripture” (Deut 21:10-13)
Jim’s story of meeting Lisa
5 principles of intentional friendships

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